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File review process

Every product once posted by the author goes through AppMeadows review process before it is published on our platform for sale. We get a lot of new products every day. We try hard to review and publish products on the same day. However, it might take a few days to review. Please be patient during the same. You can check the status of your posting anytime by logging in to AppMeadows.


Your product may have any of the following 3 status:

  • Accepted: In this case, your product will be listed on AppMeadows and buyers can now purchase the same.
  • Under Review: Under review means that AppMeadows team is yet to complete the review process.
  • Rejected: This status means that the product listing is rejected by AppMeadows team. You will be notified the reason for the same. However, AppMeadows decision shall be sole and binding in case of review.