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Uploading your work

Uploading your work on AppMeadows is simple and free! We accept terms for the most popular Mobile platform used worldwide, including but not limited to iOS, Android, Titanium, JQuery, etc.

Enter details in each field aptly and be as descriptive as possible. This will help the buyer make a sound decision.

Selling License: Once you upload a product on AppMeadows, you are granting a license to use the same to the buyer. Make a choice of Single use or multiple uses aptly.

To help you understand the licensing regime for AppMeadows, the following information is provided.


Single App License

This license permits the use of the purchased product in a project for either commercial or personal use without paying any further charges or fees post the initial cost of download. The license for Single App offers you the right to make use of the purchased products within one project of your own or on behalf of a client. Neither you nor your client can offer the product up for resale either as a part of the project or on its own. Products bought under the license of Single App must not be resold or redistributed on their own or as a part of any other group of files.

Under a single license, you can integrate the component in one app only and distribute.


Multiple App License

This license lets you utilize the product in a project that will be sold. Compared to the Single App License, Multiple App License is comparatively expensive. Under a multiple license, you can integrate the component in innumerable apps and distribute.

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