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An Entire Ecosystem For
Mobile App Development

Providing a solution to all the app industry needs under one freakishly amazing platform!
What is AppMeadows?
AppMeadows is the sole platform that aims to focus on mobile apps starting from formation, investment and start-up through to development, design and marketing. Designed specifically for mobile developers and companies, it is the only ecosystem in the marketplace that brings together the entire app development chain.

This includes start-ups, developers, brands and investors.

Explore The Incredible Ecosystem

How long does it take for your organization to develop & deploy a mobile app?

Like any other business, being an app development company, you are always focused on enhance profitability. To achieve that, you not only need more projects but also take measures to identify and possibly reduce the time taken for developing an app. Want to reduce the time needed for development of apps? Want more quality projects? AppMeadows can help!

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  • Apportunity Now

    A global ecosystem to earn like never before.

  • Secure Payments

    100% security of payments via popular payment systems or any credit card.

  • Global Disbursements

    Boundary-less payout in any part of the world securely and quickly.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    You'll be satisfied or we'll make it right for you!

  • 24/7 Support

    Our customer care team will always be happy to help you.

I need an App and I want AppMeadows to help me.

Choose from our services and we promise to eliminate your headache when it comes to app building.

Go Agile

“Adopt agile development for mobile apps or fail” - Gartner

Reap benefits of agile methodologies and adapt to the ever evolving app industry!

App Testing

“If you do not get your app tested, your users won’t like to test and use it either.”

Get your apps tested and safeguard your brand with AppMeadows App Testing Services!

Assisted PM

“Consistent delivery cycle, reduced costs and greater output result from assistance in PM from experts”

Let the experts take care of the project management and have better control of things!

App Marketing

“Don’t be a needle in the haystack. Market your app and see it skyrocket the app stores”

Get your app promoted the right way with apt words and creative visuals and see your app grow!

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