How it works

For Users

A trusted environment with new purchasing possibilities.

For Developers

A transparent and efficient way to monetize there, skills, apps and build a reputation.

For App Stores

A new universal language that ensures trust without intermediaries.

For start-ups

A place where startups can raise capital on the AppMeadows blockchain for their app ideas.

For Project owners

A platform where you can find Verified block chain freelancers, hand-picked to deliver large projects and project transparent developments throughout all phases of its execution.

For Investors

A place that gives people all the tools they need to monitor, trade, invest and spend their crypto holdings.

For Event Organizers

List Your App Event On AppMeadows And Get An Easy Connect With Your Potential Audience.

For Instructors

Along with sharing your knowledge and expertise, earn an easy money for every course you deliver.

For Businesses

Develop Apps quickly, find solutions to the problems and go to market faster while reducing the overall risk and hassle.

For Mobile Operators

Operators can offer geographically or client targeted value added services, such as a game subscription club or mobile application store that benefit from the convenience of a tight integration with the operator’s billing infrastructure.

For Mobile Commerce Experts

AppMeadows will offer high quality app / games subscription services for mobile commerce, acquisition and mobile engagement experts.

For Mobile Manufacturer

An app store platform that will help them capture and monetize their growth, helping the users to discover the content that makes your devices shine.

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The AppMeadows Difference

Working Porcess

AppMeadows powered by AI, driven by real-world success is the only platform out there which is an ecosystem of interconnected partners and stakeholders including app developers, app stores, operating systems, investors, start-ups, brands, mobile operators, device manufacturers and, of course, consumers. It solely aims to focus only on mobile apps starting from formation, investment and start-up through to development, design and marketing.

Working Porcess

Implementing new API’s and blockchain, AppMeadows will turn into a sophisticated platform that would offer an ideal payment network across the globe. It will broaden the ecosystem providing a back-end support to other web and app platforms and offering a significant platform for remittances, payments, merchant solutions, charity donations, trading and peer-to-peer lending.

OUR BETA VERSION IS NOW LIVE! A fully functional platform is available and running.
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